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18 May 2006
WHAT’S HAPPENING IN KILTALRITY TRANSMISSION LINE CAMPAIGN Kiltarlity Community Council, Beauly Community Council, local campaign group CAP and local individual objectors joined forces to prepare and present a joint case to Highland Council’s Hearing on 12th April. Eilean Aigas Estate also spoke at the Hearing as did Kilmorack Community Council and several individual objectors from the Kiltarlity and Kilmorack area. The outcome of the Hearing was that Highland Council has voted to object to the giant transmission line, which means that a Public Inquiry must now be held. However, before the Public Inquiry is due in the autumn, Highland Council are asking the Scottish Executive to bring a range of interested groups and organisations together to discuss changes that might make the line more acceptable. Kiltarlity Community Council has asked that community councils along the line are kept fully informed and are brought into the discussions. The Community Council agreed at its last meeting (22nd April) to support the Scotland wide organisation “Scotland before Pylons” but also, in every way possible, to continue lobbying MPs, MSPs, the Scottish Executive and the Government’s Regulator OFGEM. The ‘Pylon Pressure’ campaign has been wound down but it is hoped to keep the website open for information on further developments. SCOTTISH WATER Following Albyn Housing’s revelation that Scottish Water was preventing further progress on the affordable housing development in the field opposite the Post Office, Kiltarlity Community Council made strong representations to councillors, MPs and MSPs and obtained considerable press publicity. Scottish Water have now told the Community Council that a water supply will be available for the new housing development once necessary preparatory work is carried out. However, Danny Alexander MP believes this is not entirely helpful since the work mentioned has not yet been confirmed. VILLAGE DISTURBANCE There has been a lot of public concern about young people drinking underage and gathering in large, noisy groups in Allarburn Village. Local police have been monitoring the extent to which youngsters have been coming into Kiltarlity from Inverness and elsewhere outside the area. Police reported to the last Community Council meeting that there had been less trouble recently. The Community Council has discussed applying for a ban on open air drinking within the village boundaries but has yet to take a decision. While this would not directly apply to underage drinkers, who can already be approached by the Police, it is felt it might be helpful. The ban does not apply to pub garden areas. TRANSPORT SURVEY The results of a survey of transport needs throughout the West Loch Ness, Strathglass and Aird areas is about to be published by Inverness and Nairn Rural Transport Forum. Development Training Officer Jim McCreath believes that better services can be provided by looking at the whole of this area rather than the individual communities. He has stressed that the intention is to supplement and improve existing services and that existing commercial providers are essential to a good transport network. NEW ROAD NAME When the Community Council was told by Cllr Jack Shiels that the new ‘street’ which has been created by the construction of a line of houses opposite the Post Office should be named ‘Jameson Place’, a name with no apparent local connection, it was agreed that ‘Post Office Brae’ was a much better name. This is what the road has always been called and Highland Council Planners now agree this will be the official name. CONSULTATIONS The Scottish Executive conducts numerous consultations with the public, making it possible for everyone to have their say on new proposals or existing laws and organisations. Details of proposals and areas where the Executive is keen to get views can be accessed on the internet and it is almost always possible to send comments by e-mail. Some current consultations are: Commentby: Forestry Commission www.forestry.gov.uk/sfs 29 May 06 Age and Experience www.scotland.gov.uk 6 June 06 "Making a difference for Scotland's Species" www.snh.org.uk. 30 June RM 18 May 06
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